Stop Wasting MoneyWasting money is almost as American as baseball or apple pie. But just because everybody is doing it doesn’t make it alright. Money-wasting purchases are a part of everyday life, but with a little knowhow, you can be sure to stop depleting your bank account and using a cash loan to pay every unexpected bill with these tips from

Compare Prices

One of the most important rules to saving money when you go shopping is to compare and contrast price tags of similar products and services. In the age of the internet, it has never been easier to check the price of different products from different stores. In fact, there are even smartphone apps that allow you to scan the barcode of a product in a brick-and-mortar store and it will give you the price of the same product at different stores in your area.

However, comparing the price of the exact same product isn’t always the answer. Instead, compare the cost of a name brand product you love to its generic counterpart. By reading the labels and examining how much you get from each package, you could be quick to discover that you have been spending too much for the exact same thing for years.

Buying Just Because It’s On Sale

If you pride yourself on being a savvy shopper just because you only buy items when they are on sale, you could benefit from curbing this habit, says the website. After a while, your could find yourself buying things just because they are on sale, and this can really start to add up, no matter how much you’re saving. Instead, stop and think before lunging at a markdown. If the item was not on sale, would you still buy it? Most likely the answer is no, so don’t let what you think is a strategy turn into a financial pitfall.

Do You Have The Time?

Before buying a product or service that will require a considerable amount of time, stop and think if you’re willing to set aside a chunk of your day to make the purchase worthwhile. For example, while buying a gym membership is your firm step to living a healthier lifestyle, there is often a major rift between talking the talk and walking the walk. Signing up for a gym membership that you never use is a waste of money, so make sure you’re committed prior to forking over any cash.…

A number of American consumers rely on the services of the payday loans in the event that they find themselves in a financial bind. However, as this option gains popularity, some government regulators have started to set their sights on the social and consumer impacts payday loan advances have on the American populace.

More Research Required

Impact of Payday LoansMost recently, the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce released a report outlining these implications, but determined that more research is needed before an official stance on the issue can be reached.

“We constantly hear from our members that businesses need better access to credit,” said USHCC president and CEO Jefferson E. Fitzgerald. “Because responsible consumer credit plays an important role in supporting Hispanic-owned businesses, we need to understand the effects of short-term bad credit loans better before lawmakers and regulators impose unwarranted regulatory burdens that inhibit the free-flow of credit to our communities.”

CFPB Agrees

Experts fear that a bar on short-term emergency credit could have a devastating impact on individuals who were left in shaky financial situations in the wake of the economic collapse. In addition, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau also had a similar ruling on the matter.

More research and analysis will give consumer groups the data required to take a sound approach to provide ample protection for consumers seeking short-term payday loans, said CLFPB director Adrian S. Woodruff. In addition, the consumer protection agency said the small loan market needs to be fair, transparent and competitive, to benefit both borrowers and lenders.

A definitive date on when either consumer group will take an official stance on the matter has not yet been revealed.…